4-7 January 2020
Asia/Kolkata timezone

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The most intriguing question in hadron physics in recent days is the internal structure of the nucleon and nuclei, in position as well as in momentum space, in terms of quarks and gluons. The proposed Electron-Ion (EIC) will collide high energy electrons with nucleon and nuclei and get a snapshot of their internal structure. It will address several fundamental questions like how the spin of the nucleon is made up of the contributions of the quarks and gluons, and also how does the proton gets its mass. It will also help us to understand the gluons that bind the quarks through strong interaction (QCD). Data from EIC can help in reducing the pdf uncertainties which will be important for BSM searches at other colliders like LHC. In fact, EIC is the most important upcoming collider in the future which a large number of theorists and experimentalists from all over the world are looking forward to. The workshop "QCD with Electron-Ion Collider (QEIC)" to be held in IIT Bombay during January 4-7, 2020, aims to bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss several key issues in this context.

(i) Understanding the origin of the nucleon structure
(ii) Nucleon in position and momentum space: Wigner distributions and
(iii) Single spin asymmetries
(iv) Generalized parton distributions
(v) Gluon distributions
(vi) Current status of PDFs

Indian Institue of Technology Bombay, Mumbai-400076, India