Mar 1 – 2, 2023
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

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The Choi-Jamio lkowski Isomorphism is a remarkable result in the field of open quantum systems and quantum information theory establishing the correspon-
dence between linear maps in operator algebras and bipartite operators in the cor-responding Hilbert spaces. Nearly five decades ago it was established that positive maps correspond to block-positive operators [1] and completely positive maps cor-respond to positive operators [2]. The workshop aims to celebrate this fundamental result and is devoted to new frontiers in the research in open quantum systems,entanglement and quantum information theory.
[1] A. Jamio lkowski, “Linear transformations which preserve trace and positive
semidefiniteness of operators”, Rep. Math. Phys. 3, 275-278 (1972).
[2] M.-D. Choi, “Completely positive linear maps on complex matrices”, Linear
Algebra Appl. 10, 285-290 (1975).