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SaxoCell Compliance Workshop




This is a 1-day workshop for SaxoCell members and associated scientists.

It takes place online on Monday, 19 August from 9 AM to 4 PM


Live online workshop with short presentations, case discussions and practice.

Content and scope of the workshop:

  • Basic principles
  • Compliance management system (incl. Code of Conduct)
  • Corruption prevention (especially in the healthcare sector)
  • Combating fraud
  • Regulatory offence law (see diesel scandal)
  • Data protection
  • Information security
  • Compliance for business partners
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Equal opportunities


Our Workshop will be held by Prof. Dr. Andreas Kark.

Requirements for participants:
Computer with fast internet access, camera, microphone and speakers. If possible: cable LAN and headset.

Zoom link will be provided.


Organized by

SaxoCell Hub
Ira Illgen

SaxoCell Compliance Workshop
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