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Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis: A Practical Introduction

Leipzig, Neues Augusteum (Pool 1 [Lehrpool für Schulungen])

Leipzig, Neues Augusteum

Pool 1 [Lehrpool für Schulungen]


The 3-day Single-Cell RNA-Seq Workshop is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing data. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to process, analyze and integrate single-cell data using industry-standard tools and techniques.

Topics covered include sequencing technologies, data quality control, preprocessing, dimensional reduction, clustering, trajectory inference, differential expression analysis, and multi-sample integration.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have the skills and confidence to perform custom analyses and gain new insights into complex biological systems.

This workshop is ideal for researchers and students with little or no prior experience in single-cell RNA-seq analysis, as well as those seeking to update their skills and knowledge.


Organized by

SaxoCell and ecSeq Bioinformatics GmbH