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Fifteenth Biennial IQSA Conference Quantum Structures 2020


The International Quantum Structure Association is pleased to announce that the next Biennial IQSA Conference Quantum Structures 2020 will take place in Tropea, Calabria (Italy), on June 29-July 04, 2020.

The proposed arrival date is Sunday, the 28th of June, and the date of departure is Saturday, the 4th of July.


Quantum Structures 2020 Tropea is a major international conference integrating all fields of quantum mechanics and its applications. It provides an important opportunity for young researchers to disseminate their results and to obtain feedback both from their peers and from senior members of the community. Owing to its interdisciplinary and foundational character, the objective of the conference is to encourage communication between researchers throughout the world whose research is related to

  • quantum structures and their applications in physics, mathematics and philosophy
  • logico-algebraic structures, orthomodular structures, quantum logics, empirical logics, operational structures
  • quantum mechanics
  • quantum measurements
  • quantum computation, quantum information, quantum communication
  • phase space quantum mechanics and quantization
  • philosophy of quantum mechanics
  • quantum probability
  • interdisciplinary applications of quantum structures
  • etc.

The conference has the following complementary themes:

  • Algebraic methods of quantum mechanics
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Quantum information and computation theory
  • Philosophy and history of quantum mechanics
  • Interdisciplinary applications of quantum structures
The agenda of this meeting is empty