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How to survive a PhD


In the modern globalized world work has to be done quickly and efficiently. Especially starting a PhD confronts you with new and unknown challenges. The difficulty of these new challenges can be significantly decreased with the right guidance and the correct skill set. Writing a compelling and conclusive paper is primarily a question of the right method and a convincing presen- tation of your research can easily improve your reputation as a scientist. However, to keep up an environment of high performance it is also useful to be able to create a healthy balance between scientific tasks and necessary rest periods.

For this reason, this conference will teach you some of the skills you will need to successfully coordinate your scientific workload, to charismatically communicate and network with other researchers and to maintain control of all the challenges you will be confronted with. A group of the most successful researchers from different fields have been invited to share their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your very own scientific goals.

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